Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adding an "off" to a Suzuki GS450 petcock

I don't ride my gs everyday, Its mainly a back-up and bad weather bike. so the petcock needs an "off" feature.

1. take the petcock off of the bike, good time to give it a good scrub.

2. take this plate off with a small phillips/cross screwdriver

3. file the tab off of the top. now the 12 o'clock position is off. basically you have looped the prime and petcock to carb together, and the on and reserve together. so no fuel will flow from the tank past the petcock.
4. the little lever on mine will now hit the tank, only a small piece needs to be filed off to clear it.

5. I do not use the "prime" function and it was not sealed in the other positions creating an off balance carb setup. so I did away with it. I just spun the square gasket so the hole did not line up. I also spun it and plugged it. and remember to seal off the carb and re-sync them

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